Chair of Excellence at University Carlos III, Madrid

Dr. Meseguer is starting a period of research at University Carlos III, Madrid, on March 1st. She will be hosted by the Juan March Institute and the Department of Social Sciences under a Santander Chair of Excellence. During her stay, Covadonga will continue to develop her research on the emigrant-politics nexus. A summary of her research has been recently featured in the LSE International Relations Department’s Spring Spotlight. 

Presentations of research in progress at FLACSO Mexico (7th February), UNAM (8th February), and CIDE (14th February)

Dr. Covadonga Meseguer will present research in progress at different Mexican institutions. The papers look into the connection between return migration and political preferences (research co-authored with Dr. Christian Ambrosius); the relationship between remittances and vigilantism in Mexico (research co-authored with Dr. Sandra Ley and Eduardo Ibarra-Olivo); and the overall connection between emigration and politics from a comparative politics, international relations, and political economy perspectives (discussion co-authored with Prof. Gwendolyn Sasse and Dr. Gerasimos Tsourapas).

Presentation at UCL Latin American Political Economy Seminar and at the International Political Economy Society Annual Meeting

Dr. Covadonga Meseguer will present the paper “Return Migration and Democratic Consolidation” at the UCL Latin American Political Economy Seminar. Information on the event can be found here. Her co-author, Dr. Christian Ambrosius (Free University Berlin and UNAM, Mexico) will be presenting the same paper in the Annual Meeting of the International Political Economy Society (IPES) to be held in Austin, Texas, 16-17 November.